About us


STROMBOLI . ASSOCIATES is a contemporary design label and studio based in Mexico City.

STROMBOLI . ASSOCIATES aims to provide objects and furniture that are unique, unexpected, and excite one’s imagination. Our discerning customer is looking for a genuine and original design that stands out from what is available on the market place, yet at an affordable price. Besides every-year’s collection, the label releases as well independent productions in collaboration with artists and other creatives: sculptural objects, gesture and experiments, workshops...

STROMBOLI . ASSOCIATES commits to originality and excellence by carefully choosing  its collaborators. For each design piece, our studio explores a relationship between industrial resources and manual handling of craft techniques. Through its intimate relation with local producers in Mexico, STROMBOLI . ASSOCIATES ensures both the quality and the sustainability of its production.

We work with interior designers and furniture resellers all around the world. We also work on bespoke interior projects. For more information, please write to


STROMBOLI . ASSOCIATES’ founder and Creative Director is French-born artist and designer Clemence Seilles. Since she graduated in 2008 from the prestigious Royal College of Art of London, Clemence produces applied and fantastic situations through objects, spaces, performances and autonomous free styling formations. Surfin between Science fiction influences, poetic gestures and busyness models. Clemence She is one of the founders of the study Master program “The Dirty Art Department”at the Sandberg Instituut of Amsterdam. Clemence is also behind the collaborative design platform “SANKS”, the experimental music salon “MORTAL RECORDINGS”, and “LA CANCION” music school.


STROMBOLI . ASSOCIATES is always seeking new collaborations with brands, designers, architects and artists in order to develop striking projects ranging from objects to interiors. STROMBOLI . ASSOCIATES has already collaborated with Italian eyewear brand OXYDO, fashion label Andrea Crews, designers Elisa Valenzuela, Fabien Cappello and Travis Broussard, and artists Theo Demans and Melanie Bonajo.

For all collaborations, please write to